Friday, January 10, 2014

Speed Dating for Un-Married Couples

a 30 minute date

While waiting for swim practice to end, a parent typically waits on the bench at the pool or in their car. The other night my husband and I turned our 30-minute wait into a quick date. Nice bistro. Two blocks away from the pool. Could we suspend our obligations and ignore our phones long enough to make eye contact here?  Was there enough time for the PEI mussels to arrive and the Sangria to loosen our limbs? Could we pretend to have a date in 30 minutes? A suggestion of an affair? A flirt, maybe a tryst, forgetting the other kids who needed the next pick ups, and the food the au pair was preparing at home?

Something's wrong with this picture, you notice. Why are two parents doing the pool pick-up? Never, ever do both parents make the afterschool rounds. My car was in the shop,  of course, and my husband picked me up at an intersection where my colleague dropped me off. Why else would we be in the car together?

The hint, the shadow of a date didn't work for long. But it was a lovely attempt.

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