Saturday, November 2, 2013

Inspired By Inane Video


I have no idea what the fox says, but I'm pretty sure it's not choff, pow, hattie-ho, whatever.  When my daughter said she wanted to be that animal for Halloween, I thought, "oh, how cute and original!"

Then someone showed me the video.  It could be worse; worse than a video of grown-ups dancing around in the woods making no sense.

There's a tradition in our family to make all of our costumes at Halloween.  The kids really have to think about how to make something out of nothing. At first they have NO idea. Until they start to unearth remnants and articles from the corners, closets, drawers and under beds.

This fox costume cost 99 cents to make. The purchased item was a peace-sign plastic headband (from iParty--OK, I go as a last resort) to attached the ears to.

So here's the rundown.

Ears: We shaped ears out of pipe cleaners and then hot-glued them to orange construction paper, letting the pipe cleaner ends come way over the edge of the page, so that we could attach them to the headband later. The white in the middle of the ears were painted on with those squirt bottles of puffy plastic paint. What are those things called?  The headband had holes in it from the peace signs, making a perfect anchor for the pipe cleaner ears.

Mask: Purely construction paper. An elastic waistband "adjuster" was taken out of an old pair of trousers to use as the strap. Whiskers are squiggly packing paper found in an old box.

Sweater:  That's my wool sweater.
Belly:  She attached a white washcloth with safety pins
Tail:  A fuzzy brown scarf/boa folded in half, safety-pinned to back of sweater.
White gloves and brown leggings.

I helped my daughter with the ears the night before, but when I came home from work on Halloween, she and our family helper Liz had put this amazing costume together.

This is what the fox says: Hey Josie and Liz, you rock!

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