Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Whatever It Takes

I've been in a funk this winter trying unsuccessfully to get back into the job market after being a SAHM for  way too many years. I'm older. My skills have been devalued in the marketplace. I don't want to dwell on it because it's too depressing. So I got into a domestic rut, and felt like every day was the same. Rouse the kids, feed them, corral them out the door, clean up, clean up, schedule, schedule, argue, argue, pick-up.  Then repeat.

So I stopped blogging because I didn't think I had much to share. I tend to think I shouldn't write unless everything is going well.  Mommy blogs are rosy, especially if they feature children. Well guess what, for every blogger who writes about the marvels of childhood, there's a mommy out there who can't wait until her amazing kids are out the door so she can be alone.

I"m glad to say I think this phase has passed and there are prospects on the horizon.  How did I survive the many unanswered resumes sent out into the void? I learned how to snowboard during the week, and I got pretty good at it.  It felt like a great accomplishment for a middle aged mom, and gave me a lift.

AND I stopped uploading resumes. From now on, it's strictly networking. 

Should you take belly dancing lessons? Learn to fix your bike? Buy a motorcycle? Well, I think the effects are better if it's something you put effort into.  Whatever speaks to you as a good challenge. If you need to wear a disguise to strain your orange juice, then so be it.
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