Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Winter Garden

This is a cucumber vine pulled out of our garden.  We cleaned up the old veggies and weeds to get ready for the frost. Now I'm supposed to describe what a wonderful family bonding experience it was, having all of us engaged in a communal activity.  But it wasn't like that, at first.  I announced a day in advance that I needed everyone's help to get this done because I didn't want to do it alone, nor did I want to pay expensive gardeners to help me.

The children often try to deflect family chores by pleading that they are too tired, hungry, in the middle of a game with their dad, doing homework, and the list goes on. So when the scheduled time arrived today I got a roomful of moans and refusals.  Oh I wish I could be the mom with the calm, therapist voice. But I lost it.  I called them names, namely "lazy privileged kids."  I'm being honest here.  They got angry at me and we had an exchange.  My protestations of their slacking may have gotten through (my husband came to my defense a bit).  The girls rallied (my son was at a play date) and joined me outside to pull out the old neglected overgrowth.

Finally smiles and excitement over worms, beetles and grubs.  Then, the big finale was to find this cucumber vine twisting up to the top of the lilac bushes….with 2 huge cucumbers on it!
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