Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rainy Day Redemption

It's one of those younger mom skills I have grown out of: Doing arts and crafts.  Somewhere along the way to the middle years I got burned out. Darn if I can invent a spontaneous craft project anymore. I used to be so good at doing something with a bag of yarn or a paper bag.

When I walk into a place like Michael's to get inspired, I end up feeling nauseated by all the pre-cut sticker-ready foamies. Kits where everyting is done for you except peeling off the backs. Really. And we bemoan the end of creativity in our schools? How about the end of creativity in our "creative" stores?  Sorry, not gonna get preachy.

This is a long way of saying that you can get around your own lack of creativity by inviting creative people over to your house. My friend Liz makes really cool jewelry. She came to visit from Brooklyn, made bracelets and necklaces with the kids, and gave us a paper marbelizing kit -- special paints and a shallow tub.  I took it out on a rainy day and the kids were absorbed for two hours. I can't say any of us know what to do with all the lovely papers, but the project saved the day--and my reputation.
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