Sunday, August 3, 2008

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I woke up to this extraordinary sight. I couldn't believe my bleary eyes. It took some artistic planning to produce this; and it didn't look so bad. Since the medium used was BATH crayons, I wouldn't have to scrub it with bleach. So I asked the kids nicely please tell me who did such interesting artwork? No reply. There was some finger-pointing, but on a gut level, I didn't believe the accusations. It took some sophisticated motor control to do this job. I had my suspicions it was my eldest, age 7. So then I tried my usual: I'm not upset, I just want to know who can help me with the soapy rag to wipe this up? No success. I left it; I didn't really need to know right now. After all, one of my kids had just invented two new concepts in luxury: the designer toilet seat AND the butt tattoo.


Cheryl said...

WOW! Happy to come across your post this morning as I'm decompressing from a morning meltdown - mine. I had to laugh at the last sentence, which shows you have a great perspective: artwork AND butt tattoo.

Your kids are blessed to have a mom with such an ability to view things in a non-traditional manner.

Smith Family ~ "Party of Six" said...

THIS POST IS MOST AWESOME... So thankful for your amazing sense of humor and willingness to share!